Zoning Bylaw Renewal Passed by City of Edmonton

Edmonton’s residential construction industry is looking brighter than ever, thanks to the City council-approved Zoning Bylaw20001. This visionary zoning is set to usher in a generational shift, addressing the evolving economic, environmental, and societal needs of our City and its residents. It’s a blueprint for a vibrant, sustainable, and thriving future. The Zoning Bylaw Renewal achieves this by reducing red tape and streamlining the ability to bring innovative housing products to the market more quickly, resulting in new homes that support vibrant neighborhoods with a high quality of life.

The new Zoning Bylaw will help keep Edmonton’s economic advantage as  being one of Canada’s most affordable cities. Alberta is experiencing record-high migration, and the need for more housing is paramount. Streamlining building regulations through the Zoning Bylaw is overdue and will benefit current and future residents.  The delivery of new types of homes across all areas of the City will provide more housing options for Edmontonians now and into the future. It’s all about ensuring a high quality of life for our residents and businesses, attracting talent and skills, and fueling economic success.

The Zoning Bylaw Renewal results from years of collaboration with administration and City council. Edmontonians have poured countless hours into shaping the proposed Zoning Bylaw, combining public feedback, local context, and urban planning best practices. We commend the City’s administration for their dedication to undertaking this bylaw renewal with open collaboration and a transparent process.

Our members are the core of our association, and they spent countless volunteer hours reviewing dozens of documents as part of this process. We would like to thank the members of our Zoning Bylaw Renewal working group, well as Adil Kodian, Katrina Rowe, Paul Lanni, and Lindsey Butterfield for supporting the Zoning Bylaw Renewal. Our members’ feedback proved invaluable in ensuring that the Zoning Bylaw Renewal will assist Edmontonians in finding the right home for their families no matter where they choose to set their roots in the City.

We look forward to seeing the Zoning Bylaw come into effect on January 1, 2024 and will continue to work with the City administration on implantation and educating members on how the new zoning will impact the homes of tomorrow. This is a significant step towards maintaining our position as planning leaders in Canada, making Edmonton an even better place to call home.