Who We Are

Shaping the future of our industry and our region


Who We Are

We are a not-for-profit dedicated to empowering its members through effective advocacy, industry insights, and diverse networking avenues. Whether you’re shaping new communities, building homes, renovating existing structures, or contributing specialized skills, we provide the essential resources and communal support to drive collective success.

Our Vision

To be the voice shaping the future of our industry and our region

Our Mission

We advocate and collaborate in pursuit of our members' success

Our Values

Transparency, Integrity, Teamwork, Passion

2022 Year in Review

The 2023 Year in Review gives you a look at the great work done by the Association over the past year. This document includes:

  • Messages from the President and CEO
  • Advocacy updates
  • Committee highlights
  • Member events and More!

CHBA Edmonton Region By-Laws​

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