Engagement Committees


The NextGen Committee engages the next generation of members in the Association. To execute succession
planning for the next generation of members.

Actions of the Committee:
  • Advocate, Support, and Engage for new members joining the association as well as existing members transitioning to new roles.
  • NextGen Community Building by creating and fostering a thriving community that provides mentorship and professional growth opportunities.
  • Collaboration and Community Engagement by working closely with other committees and local organizations to build a robust network.
  • Networking and Succession Planning to create an engaging networking space that strategically plans for member succession through professional development resources.

The NextGen Committee meets monthly to discuss networking and mentorship opportunities, committee membership cross-promotion and opportunities to celebrate the industry’s best. Their goal is to advocate, support, and engage the next generation of members through personal and professional development, mentorship opportunities, networking, and stewardship at events. To support other committees and provide the next generation of members with opportunities for growth and succession within the Association.


The Event Committee provides member perspective on all events and support event planning. The Committee provides feedback, assists in promotion and ticket sales, and recommends speakers and topics that will provide value to members.

Actions of the Committee:

  • Review and provide constructive feedback of events.
  • Engage members to participate in events.
  • Promote events through sales and registration.
  • Establish and assist executing sponsorship ideas. 
  • Identify speaker topics that will provide valuable education, professional development, and networking opportunities.

The Committee supports events such as:

  • Awards of Excellence in Housing Gala,
  • Celebration of Industry Champions
  • Dinner Meetings
  • Mixers
  • Webinars
  • Education/Professional Development
  • Other events as required

The Events Committee meets every other month to continue to provide up to date feedback and stay ahead of event planning, You can find all of our upcoming events here.


The Engagement Committee recruits, retains, and engages members and spearheads initiatives and programs required to demonstrate member value. The Committee works to align the brand with the vision and mission of the Association and assists in the development of communications tactics that support the Association’s strategy.

Actions of the Committee:
  • Retain 97% of current members. 
  • Recruit 7 new members monthly.
  • Enhance Communication and Engagement among existing members.

The Engagement Committee is a group of outstanding and active members that are committed to pushing forward the Association’s communications and member engagement. The Engagement Committee also provides valuable feedback and supportive ideas and input to the Association on the following initiatives:

Women in Residential Construction Committee (WIRC)

The WIRC Committee empower women in the residential construction industry by creating a safe and supportive community that inspires current tradeswomen and potential newcomers by expanding awareness, offering education, sharpening skills, fostering personal and professional growth, advocating for representation and inclusion, and encouraging women to share their voice by giving them the tools they need to evolve further.

Actions of the Committee:

  • Educational Seminars to create opportunities for personal and professional development.
  • Raise Awareness about industry-related topics and the varying roles of women in construction.
  • Focused Mastermind Groups is an initiative about growth, connection, networking, and mentorship.
  • Establish and assist executing sponsorship ideas.
  • Networking opportunities through focused events such as the ‘Rise & Shine Coffee Chat Series’
  • Support Working Parents & Caregivers by creating a safe space to offer support to working parents, guardians and caregivers.


Recent Initiatives Include:

  • Moving forward with their highly successful Mastermind Groups
    Supporting and getting to know each other’s daily lives – in depth discussions of the issues each company representative has dealt with since the beginning of the pandemic
  • Creation of the ‘Weekly Tattle’ newsletter that is distributed internally within the Committee
  • Welcoming guest speakers to speak to the group, which directly ties to the internal education initiative.
  • Building on strong reciprocal relationships, such as:
    • Working with Pathways to educate students on the many careers available within the residential construction industry.
    • Working with NAIT to speak to their students about residential construction career opportunities
    • Collaborating with HAVAN to involve the WIRC Committee in their virtual coffee chats


The purpose of the Golf Committee is to plan and execute the annual CHBA-ER Charity Golf Tournament(s), and assist with budget, sponsorship, and planning for the tournament in support of the Edmonton Region Homebuilder Charity Fund

Actions of the Committee:
  • Plan and execute successful golf tournaments. 
  • Promote the event through registration and sponsorship sales.
  • Participate and be active at the event by assisting with registration, sign-in, distributing prize bags, selling mulligans, setting up signs, and coordinating the tournament dinner.

Committee members are very active at the event, assisting with registration and sign-in, distributing prize bags, setting up signs, and coordinating the tournament dinner.

Check out the video below for a peek inside the golf tournament.