Renovating Your Home

Whether you are doing a small one-room renovation, or doing your entire house, you want to ensure your dream home doesn’t turn into a renovation nightmare.

Getting informed is the first step. Having a plan, understanding the process, and finding the right contractor are all imperative to having your renovation give you the results you want.

Planning your design, knowing your budget, and knowing if this project is a DYI or requires a Pro.

When embarking on a renovation, you need to think about what you want to change and why. You may need to repair or replace something – like your windows, doors, or roof. Or you might want to modernize the look and flow of your house – like updating your kitchen or adding an ensuite to your master bedroom. Thinking through the changes you want made and why will be the start of your renovation plan.

Make a list, your wish list, of all the things you want to change in your home. Make sure to include “must do” repairs, maintenance work, as well as remodeling work. It is useful to include the things you DO NOT want to change.

On your wish list, give reasons why you want the changes to be made. Do you only have one bathroom and too many people? Is your kitchen not functional for your lifestyle? Do you want to reimagine your formal dining room into a space you’ll use differently?

Canadians know the value of a home renovation, but finding a reliable, reputable renovator can be tricky.

The RenoMark™ program identifies renovation contractors in Canada who have agreed the Canadian Home Builders’ Associations Code of Ethics and to a renovation specific Code of Conduct. RenoMark™ renovators provide warranties, understand the value of customer service, and are constantly exposed to information on current trends, materials, and regulations.

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