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Incumbent - Rod is committed to serving Strathcona County. The core of his plan is to realize Strathcona County's vision, to provide first-in-class municipal services, financial certainty for individuals and industry, and foster a citizen-centered culture

Incumbent, Ward 8 - Sherwood Park - I learned from a very early age that giving back to your community only makes you a stronger person. This continued when I moved to Strathcona County with multiple groups and associations within the community.

Retired Professional Engineer - design, construction, project mgmt. 6 years prior experience on Strathcona Council.

I have lived in the County since 1956. I am progressive and have seen our growth from 100 houses to the Jewell it is today. I have been in business for myself since 1971 and currently I am semi-retired.

When my family arrived in Sherwood Park in 1979. I left Sherwood Park to join the Canadian Armed Forces. I jumped at the chance to be posted at Garrison Edmonton in 1997 and buy my first home in Sherwood Park.

Daryl is a driven community builder and diversity champion, dedicated to lifting others. To get the root of problems, as a third generation resident, he probes, builds alliances and looks for creative ways to solve problems that effect Strathcona County.