Giselle lives in the neighbourhood of Rio Terrace with her husband, younger brother and roommates. As someone unable to drive, she walks and takes transit to travel around the city and west Edmonton and this has influenced her view of the city.

Incumbent - Edmonton's history as a humble, hardworking and creative city drives my work to preserve our core services, find innovation across government, and empower our businesses and residents to succeed.

Being ahead of the curve doesn't happen by doing the same thing as everyone else. We need new ideas that bring innovation, opportunity, and growth.

My name is Daniel Heikkinen and I was born and raised in Edmonton, spending most of my life living in what is now ward 7. I am a small business owner, and have a degree in psychology, with an education in economics, and political science.

Having moved to the region in 1989 as a teenager, I attended a local high school and went to work in the oil patch shortly thereafter. After years in the oilfield I moved to Calgary to continue my education by studying business, technology and finance.