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COE First Place Program: Request for Qualification

Request for Qualification

The City of Edmonton is seeking submissions of qualifications from new home builders to transform the remaining 18 First Place Program sites. Construction of new homes within existing communities will attract first time home buyer families to reside in Edmonton, contribute to our City, and improve the livability of Edmonton’s neighbourhoods.

New home builders are invited to submit a response to this Request for Qualifications to build innovative & attractive new townhomes on 18 vacant First Place program sites located within established residential areas. Ideally, eight to ten respondents will be qualified to participate in a subsequent Request for Proposals (RFP). Preference will be given to

firms with experience fitting new development into existing neighbourhoods.

Deadline for qualification submissions is 4:00 p.m. (local time) January 3, 2012.

To download a copy of the qualification documentation, please visit:, register as a vendor and follow the links.


Opportunity Number: AB-2011-05274

Solicitation Number: 920747



The First Place Home Ownership Program (FPHOP) is a City of Edmonton-led initiative which offers deferred land payments and reduced CMHC mortgage insurance rates to potential new home buyers looking to purchase their first property.  In 2006, 20 vacant future school sites were declared surplus by local school boards. City Council secured those sites for market-affordable, entry-level housing development and approved the necessary land use changes.  Program details were developed in 2007 and after a series of public consultations, site design issues were finalized and construction on the new homes began. Two pilot sites were chosen and a total of 85 units were built.  All homes have since been sold to eligible first-time buyers.  There is strong support for the FPHOP to continue and there are plans to move forward on the 18 remaining program sites.  These 18 remaining sites are located in existing neighbourhoods along transit routes, adjacent to existing parks, and some are beside existing schools. All are vacant and range in size from approximately 0.8 to 1.4 hectares.  The remaining program sites will be developed in four phases, with each phase expected to take between two to three years to complete and sell.


The City of Edmonton has begun marketing FPHOP to the industry in the hope of attracting CHBA-ER multi-family builders with the capacity, experience and credibility to participate and advance this superb community program.  To date our builders, unlike other sectors of the industry, have not demonstrated an interest in FPHOP sufficient to merit the City continuing to target our membership.  Having lobbied the City long and hard to not only see this program re-activated but to provide our members an inside track, there is an onus on us to now take advantage of this program and participate.  FPHOP offers opportunities on a number of levels: it demonstrates our community’s commitment to ensuring the sustainability of our mature neighbourhoods; it offers the hope of home ownership to many who otherwise would not be able to purchase their own home; and it offers the opportunity for our multi-family builders to bring their innovation and creativity to parts of our City desperately in need of both while also making a sound business model.


For more information visit  CHBA-Edmonton Region Members can log-on to the members’ only section of the website to access a detailed presentation on the City of Edmonton’s First Place Program or refer to the October issue of the Industry Insider for the  complete article.  Information will continue to be circulated to members as it becomes available.